Artist Bio

DeFord’s work has many roots. Since she can first remember, she has always wanted to be an artist from drawing her first portrait of her mother at age 2.

She considers each piece of art work a challenge. The test is to see if she really can do it and produce a work she is proud to show.

A key technique to her compositions has been to base the composition on a transparent under painting then adding colors to enhance forms and shadows. DeFord finds art a challenge that never changes. Each painting is a new experience.

A times she sets herself a challenge and then looks for materials and subjects to fill that challenge.

Her husband, Carl Pulsifer, a professional photographer keeps himself occupied while she paints. Some of the things that work for them both keep her remembering what is truly important in painting. A crucial concept, such as providing a new perspective on what could be an ordinary composition gives importance to a piece. Artinother important element is light. She feels light is critical, without light nothing works.

DeFord feels that seeing with anothers eye can open a whole new world. She sees this either by sharing her own work or participating in Plein Air sessions with fellow artists. “I am constantly learning from my peers. I enjoy the socialization and trading of information.”

DeFord’s desire for her work is to share the experience and to show the beauty of life in the West.